Cost & Savings

GTF Reduces Your Operating Expenses 

How Much Does GreenTech Fuel Save You At The Pump?

GreenTech Fuel cost $.22 per gallon to treat and comes in Liquid and Tab form. The liquid is sold in 1 gallon containers and treats 5000 gallons. Larger containers of liquid product can be ordered upon request. GTF Tabs treat 10 gallons, 20 gallons and 50 gallons of fuel. GTF works on any combustible engine.

Savings vary depending on your driving conditions, your fuel tank size, and the maintenance of your car. So for the small cost of the product, you can get relief from high gas prices by saving fuel every time you fill up your gas tank, by burning your fuel more efficiently and getting more miles out of each tank of gas. So the tabs have a very small initial cost, but can really help you reduce your out of pocket expense with gas currently as high as it is. It actually costs more to NOT to use GreenTech Fuel.

In addition, GreenTech Fuel has the additional benefit of reducing your car’s emissions by 50% or greater because your fuel is being burned more completely now, instead of being wasted out of the tailpipe. This also allows your engine to run cleaner and cooler, which should provide a longer engine life, as well as lowering engine maintenance. And with better fuel efficiency, you will also get a slight increase in octane and power. In fact, most cars and trucks will be able to run on regular unleaded gas or diesel instead of having to use the higher prices premium grades, which could result in saving another 10 or 20 cents on each gallon of gas you fill up with.  



  • Is GREEN, Saves the Planet and Saves You Money
  • Lowers engine maintenance
  • Reduces Diesel Particulate Matter
  • Absolutely safe for all engines
  • Is available in a variety of sizes and modalities
  • Allows you to market your company as being a leader in GREEN solutions that help the planet
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