GreenTech Fuel Benefits

The World's Best Fuel Saving Product 

GTF Reduces Diesel Particulate Matter

  • Regeneration is needed less often
  • Oil stays cleaner longer

GTF is GREEN, Saves The Planet and Saves You Money

  • Reduces emission by 50% or greater
  • Reduces fuel consumption in all internal combustion engines
  • Reduces carbon footprint of CO2 in diesel by almost 7000 pounds for every pound of CO2 we produce

GTF Lowers Engine Maintenance

  • Fuel burns more completely reducing carbon build-up
  • Fuel burns at a lower temperature reducing wear
  • Deposits are removed improving performance

GTF Is Absolutely Safe For All Engines

  • Backed by multiple $1MM liability policies
  • All natural
  • EPA Registered
  • Improves Engine Performance

GTF Allows You To Market Your Company As Being A Leader In GREEN Solutions That Help The Planet

  • Keeps you a step ahead of your competition
  • Allows you to offer more competitive pricing since you're lowering your fuel expenses

GTF Is Available In A Variety Of Sizes & Modalities

  • GTF is flexible and easy to use, regardless of your fleet size
  • Product available in a convenient tab form and a liquid for larger applications



  • Is GREEN, Saves the Planet and Saves You Money
  • Lowers engine maintenance
  • Reduces Diesel Particulate Matter
  • Absolutely safe for all engines
  • Is available in a variety of sizes and modalities
  • Allows you to market your company as being a leader in GREEN solutions that help the planet
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